At the forefront of fuel cleanliness innovation, the DFU-1 is a versatile fuel filtration system designed to deliver maximum performance within a compact footprint.  Incorporating leading high capacity particulate filtration principals, both solid and bacterial contaminants are removed from your fuels with ease. High performance, low cost filter cells ensure cleanliness levels of ISO 18/16/13 or better and make this the ultimate entry-level fuel filtration system on the market.
Problems with water? At the cutting edge of water removal technology, Filtasorb2 cells not only facilitate removal of all free water, but also 99.9% of entrained water to an incredible 100ppm or less.
Should on-site verification of cleanliness levels be required, practical quick connect fittings allow for instant plug-in to the Particle Pal fuel cleanliness analyser, allowing real time results in ISO/NAS/SAE in a matter of minutes.



An oil and fuel purification and filtering system is a critical component in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of machinery and engines. By removing contaminants such as dirt, water, and impurities from oils and fuels, these systems ensure optimal performance and reduce the risk of mechanical failures. Utilizing advanced filtration technology, these systems effectively separate unwanted particles from the fluid, preserving its integrity and extending its lifespan. Moreover, by promoting cleaner combustion, they contribute to reduced emissions and improved environmental sustainability. Whether used in industrial equipment, or power generation systems, oil and fuel purification and filtering systems play a vital role in enhancing reliability, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

SFC-3000 Filter Trolley

NEPTUNE Oil Dehydration And Filter System ( NDU-2NX )

NEPTUNE Oil Dehydration And Filter System ( NDU-1NX )

HIPPO Oil Filtering System (BD 5000)

Our filter elements are designed to cleanse industrial oils, removing everything from solid particles to water to sludge, varnish and oxidation residues.

Triple R Filter Eliments

Filtertechnik have developed a portfolio of products for accurate real time monitoring of oil and diesel fuel particulate level.

The most cost-effective oil and diesel fuel cleanliness monitor on the market just got better

Introducing our new Particle Pal V2
Particle Pal is a self-contained portable measuring system that gives ISO, NAS and SAE Particulate Cleanliness readings and Water Content analysis for Oils and/or Diesel Fuels. Complete with a rechargeable battery, high-pressure internal gear pump and controlled flow rate. Whether on-site or in the laboratory, the Particle Pal will provide cleanliness readings in real time to allow you to fully understand the condition of your oil or fuel.

New Particle Pal Life




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